Adopt A Beck

Our “Adopt a Beck” scheme aims to encourage local businesses and organisations to become ‘guardians’ of their local rivers by investing in river habitat improvements and events that encourage local communities to explore, celebrate and learn more about their river.

Our beautiful rivers (becks) in Cumbria are home to wonderful and rare wildlife, we enjoy the beauty and serenity of a walk along riverside paths, we use them for fishing, paddling or cooling off during the summer months. Healthy rivers are crucial for not only supporting wildlife but also for our businesses too, whether it’s through tourism, water supply or even providing drinking water for our livestock.

But we take our rivers for granted.

Our dependence on rivers brings with it our impact on them too. A loss of wildlife, clean water and a healthy countryside is often overlooked or missed until it’s staring us in the face. But by then it could be too late. We need to act now.

Your business or organisation can help deliver real and measurable improvements. Your adopted beck will benefit from full baseline habitat surveys. These surveys will be used to inform and develop a programme of work to improve habitat, reduce diffuse pollution, provide education sessions for local school children and engage local communities to take ownership of their local beck. You and your staff will also have the opportunity to get your hands dirty by helping too!

If you are interested in joining our Adopt a Beck scheme then get in touch. You may already know which beck you’d like to ‘adopt’ and have some ideas of improvements or events you’d like to see. We can incorporate these into the project plan. For more information Email: or call the office on Tel: 017687 75429.