There is a suite of research projects underway to gain a better understanding of the work required to improve the river habitat and to support the future of freshwater mussels and Atlantic salmon and all the other species that the river supports.

Projects include:

  • Continuous water quality logging
  • Phosphorous sampling
  • Algal surveys
  • Mapping of potential juvenile mussel habitat
  • Geomorphology
  • Flow regime – include paragraphs and links from Dom on receipt
  • Groundwater interactions – include paragraphs from Joel on receipt
  • Artificial encystment (boosting mussel numbers)
  • Infrastructure removal
  • Support to CEH Lakes Tour -
  • Reintroduction of juvenile mussels in the River Irt:
  • A Reintroductions Research Officer has been appointed to research and trial the re-introduction of juvenile freshwater mussels bred in captivity in Windermere back into the River Irt. The aim is to improve the understanding of the process of undertaking re-introduction of juvenile mussels and to contribute to the wider body of knowledge associated with re-introduction and encystment to support mussel populations. The research will be supported by a River Irt Project Officer delivering physical measures on the ground and supporting the re-introduction of the juvenile mussels.

Findings from these projects will inform management on the ground.