Fish survey results: 2015

2015 was our first venture into an organised electrofishing project and has since turned into a long term partnership with local angling interests on the Derwent. This work is crucial in helping us to develop records and a database of salmonid fry location and numbers whilst also providing detail of other fish species, populations and habitats found at each survey site. Going forward these regular electrofishing surveys will enable us to demonstrate fry population trends, while the systematic habitat surveys will allow us to determine the “catchment condition” (as termed in the report). The detailed database will prove invaluable in helping to identify opportunities for future investment in our catchment where it is most needed. It will enable us to develop a programme of essential habitat improvements which will be delivered through the “River Corridors Group” partnership (this partnership is the key remaining legacy from the Bassenthwaite Lake Restoration Programme).


The 2015 survey season saw a total of 89 sites surveyed on 28 tributaries across the Derwent catchment, where we recorded a total of 1412 trout and 700 salmon, of which 1118 were trout fry and 631 were salmon fry. Corresponding habitat data was also recorded at each survey site and this data was then used to determine a habitat condition and is up scaled so each tributary was assigned to one of the following categories: Maintain, Repair, Restore. Of the 28 tributaries considered in 2015, 8 were categorised as “Maintain” (28%), 16 as “Repair” (58%) & 4 as “Restore” (14%). 

The work undertaken during 2015 has achieved the following outcomes across 28 tributaries in the Derwent catchment: 

  • a database of juvenile salmonid populations, 
  • a habitat condition database for 28 tributaries,
  • a pre-December 2015 flood base line for both fish numbers and habitat condiiton,
  • a list of potential future investments for use by WCRT & RCG, 
  • a model approach to guide the expansion of the database for use in future years.

So there it is; 2015 was a great start for electrofishing surveys. We at WCRT are keen to see this concept grow to deliver an ever broader range of data over an ever increasing number of sites in future years. Thanks again to all those who contributed and if you would like to support the project or volunteer please get in touch. 

Full report and raw data

2015 photo gallery 





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