River School Online

We can’t come to your school at the moment, so we’re bringing our river lessons to your home!

Cathy Gruba, our Learning and Engagement Officer, will bring you a series of online lessons about rivers and their amazing wildlife. 

Episode 1: River Words

An introduction to rivers featuring some important words you’ll need to know. 

Episode 2: Cumbria’s amazing freshwater wildlife

For this episode, you’ll need our  river wildlife factsheets (.pdf).

Learn about some of the amazing animals that live in our freshwater habitats in West Cumbria, with some suggested activities you can do at home at the end.

Episode 3: Pond dipping

Cathy shows you some of the amazing animals living in her garden pond.

Episode 4: Restoring a river ecosystem

Learn what makes a healthy river system with this look at our River Keekle restoration project.