Derwent Water lovers urged to give feedback for health of lake

17th July 2023 - General Catchment

West Cumbria Rivers Trust and the National Trust need Lake users’ feedback as part of a project to ascertain the health of the water

If you are a paddler, paddleboarder, boater, rower or swimmer that regularly uses Derwent Water, then West Cumbria Rivers Trust and the National Trust need your help.

The Trusts are working in partnership to carry out water quality testing, with a band of budding volunteers, to check the health of the lake water this summer and need input from the lake’s many users as part of a data gathering exercise.

Derwent Water is extremely popular due to its many areas of publicly accessible shoreline. The Trusts are trying to ascertain how many people are using the lake and what activities they are doing; the water quality sampling data will inform them if the water is fit to play in and may lead to a bathing water status application. Users are asked to fill in a short anonymous survey online which will only take a couple of minutes to fill in. By filling in the survey people will contribute to the project and give vital information on Derwent Water’s usage.

Fill in the survey here