Offset Your Trek

Offset Your Trek..

Travelling often generates large amounts of carbon which contributes to higher levels of greenhouse gas emissions in our atmosphere. We are asking people visiting the Lake District to act positively and responsibly to reduce their carbon emissions and support a more sustainable environment by planting trees with West Cumbria Rivers Trust.

By pledging £5 (or more!) we will plant 5 trees to offset your carbon footprint and leave a legacy for future generations.

What are the benefits to planting trees along our rivers and lakes?

Other tree related benefits funded by this project…

Special planting days will be arranged over the winter months for supporters to plant their own trees in person. For more information on carbon offsetting please see the Woodland Carbon Code. To calculate your carbon footprint see

The Carbon Cycle

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This new booklet is a really interesting read for all the facts about trees and rivers and how your contribution to Offset Your Trek helps! Banking for the Future Booklet