During the 2019 survey season, WCRT conducted surveys at a total of 161 sites. In total, 5,115 salmonids were recorded, of which 2,640 were trout and 2,475 were salmon. These numbers can be broken down further into fry and parr numbers; 2,138 were trout fry and 2,155 were salmon fry (fry being less than a year old); and 502 were trout parr and 320 were salmon parr (parr being young fish over a year old). Of the total 161 sites surveyed, 125 sites (78%) had trout fry present and 78 sites (48%) had salmon fry present. Only three sites had no fish present at all, including minor species.


Find out how these numbers relate to the previous five years in our 2019 survey report which can be downloaded here: 2019 Survey Report


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