Click below to download a copy of the 2015 Electrofishing report


And a recent addition to the 2015 electro-fishing report is the map of the habitat classifications (see downloads). These classifications are determined from the records we took from each site and are;

  • Maintain” - where limited small scale works such as insertion of large woody debris may be beneficial but little additional substantive work is necessary, 
  • “Repair” - where further modest work of a limited nature such as creating buffer strips with new fencing, provision of new gravels & boulders where appropriate, insertion of willow spilling and other tree & shrub planting as well as insertion of large woody debris will be beneficial, or 
  • “Restore” - where major channel restoration works such as re-routing the channel and associated full restoration works are necessary in order to achieve substantive improvement.


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Electro fishing Habitat classifications 2015 pdf 7.46 MB