Other Activities for Primary Schools

As well as our standard rivers programme for years 5 and 6, there are other things we can deliver with primary schools:

  • We can adapt the standard rivers programme for lower KS2 classes
  • Pearls in the Classroom:

For schools that are close to the River Ehen we can deliver a programme focussed on the freshwater pearl mussel. This can include a trip to the river to see them using an underwater camera and bathyscope (a glass-bottomed bucket)

  • Teamwork by the River:

A mix of fun activities by your local river to get children working together and exploring their local area. The focus is on fun, and learning will be led by what we see, and the interests of the children. This could involve things like mini-raft building, a photo treasure hunt, outdoor art, wildlife survey or creating videos

  • Teacher training on running outdoor sessions with your class, risk assessments, and the benefits of outdoor learning