What do you think?

West Cumbria Rivers Trust, on behalf of the Catchment Partnership, asked local people their views by on online survey that everyone living in the catchment was encouraged to complete. Of 137 responses:

  • Everyone used the river for walking, running, cycling, fishing, canoeing, boating, swimming, watching wildlife, relaxing or playing.
  • 89 people thought there were issues affecting the health of local rivers and lakes, only 8 people didn’t.
  • Pollution from land management, industry and wastewater, along with invasive non-native species were considered to be the biggest threats.

  • Specific problems that were identified included: 
  1. Dog poo and litter; 
  2. Blue-green algae; 
  3. Poor access for walkers, canoeists, fishermen, swimmers and disabled people; 
  4. Declines in salmon/trout numbers; 
  5. Bank erosion; 
  6. Flooding; 
  7. Invasive species; 
  8. Poor habitat quality; 
  9. Lack of respect by some people for the environment and for other river users; 
  10. Noise; 
  11. Difficulty parking; 
  12. Pollution, particularly sewage.

But its not all bad! There were lots of things people valued about our rivers and lakes:

What’s going on in your area? 

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