New funding available for Woodland Creation

31st January 2022 - General Catchment

The Government has made big commitments to increase the amount of tree cover in England. Planting trees in the right places can bring lots of benefits including enhancing wildlife, reducing flood risk, drawing down carbon, improving air and water quality, shading rivers and providing shelter for livestock, so we’re keen to see this commitment become a reality!

The Forestry Commission’s new England Woodland Creation Offer provides funding for landowners to plant new native woodlands and also gives the landowner a payment to recognise the benefits that woodlands bring to nature and society. The offer is quite generous and could be a source of income for areas of land that are currently unproductive. It can be used for shelter belts and buffer strips as well as larger woodland areas.

Through the Woodlands for Water project, West Cumbria Rivers Trust has received funding to support landowners in the Derwent catchment in making an application to the England Woodland Creation Offer. This support is free to the landowner and can include obtaining relevant consents, mapping, filling in the application form and securing stock from tree nurseries. If you’re interested in finding out more, get in touch with Caitlin at