More Leaky Dams for Flimby

29th April 2022 - Derwent Catchment

A further 12 leaky dams have been installed in streams above Flimby to slow and store water in high flows and reduce the risk of flooding in the village. Two different designs were used; formal larch leaky dams in a drainage ditch and more naturalistic log jams in a woodland stream. In total there are now 73 leaky dams on watercourses running into Flimby village. Together these provide a lot of capacity to temporarily store water at very high flows and reduce the peak of a flood event. A study by Lancaster University showed the leaky dams on Penny Gill had reduced peak flow by 3 % during a storm event that almost flooded houses last year. We’re collecting more evidence that shows all styles of leaky dams working well.

The funding for this phase of the work has been provided by Cumbria County Council and was made possible by the landowners and local contractors Catchment Designs and ArbClear who installed the dams for us. 

For more information contact project officer Caitlin Pearson at