Farm & Catchment Projects

One of the key objectives of the Loweswater project is to undertake work within the catchment with the aim to reduce the amount of phosphorus getting into the lake.

Our first step was to undertake a set of two surveys, one comprising a survey of Dub Beck catchment and the second, a survey of all the farms within the catchment to come up with a prioritised list of farm infrastructure and other farm works which could be undertaken to reduce phosphate loss from farms.

We combined the results of the two surveys to produce an overall list of projects which could be undertaken and prioritised them. This provided us with a list indicating which projects would be best value - i.e. which projects would best reduce levels of phosphate getting into the lake for the least amount of money.

To date we have worked with farmers and other landowners to undertake projects to a value of over £75,000 and have recently completed a number of large farm infrastructure projects which were considered a priority.