Upcoming Events

Date Event
26th July 2018 July River Watchers Volunteer Day

Past Events

Date Event
11th July 2018 Wasdale Wednesday: volunteer event
6th July 2018 Great Cumbrian Litter Pick: Egremont
28th June 2018 June River Watchers Volunteer Day
15th June 2018 Give a Day to Copeland: Himalayan balsam pull
13th June 2018 Wasdale Wednesday: volunteer event
12th June 2018 Charlie Morgan - Soil compaction: Pasture performance and flood risk
24th May 2018 May River Watchers Volunteer Day
9th May 2018 Using Natural Processes to manage flood risk
28th April 2018 Save the Frogs Day at Florence Arts Cente
26th April 2018 CANCELLED April River Watchers Volunteer Workshop
25th April 2018 Talk: Wilderculture, integrating farming and wildlife
21st April 2018 Fish on the move!
17th April 2018 Tree Planting Day
13th April 2018 River Ehen Litter-pick
13th April 2018 (Not quite) Dawn Chorus Walk from Florence Arts Centre, Egremont
11th April 2018 Managing invading alien species
10th April 2018 (Not quite) Dawn Chorus walk from The Gather, Ennerdale Bridge
8th April 2018 River Derwent Litterpick 2018 *** rescheduled***
30th March 2018 Drop-in Children's Activities, Keswick
29th March 2018 March River Watchers Volunteer Day
29th March 2018 Power from the Fells, the renewable power of water
14th March 2018 Salmon and trout in the Derwent catchment
14th March 2018 Wasdale volunteer event
22nd February 2018 Riverwatchers Volunteer Day Feb 2018
21st February 2018 Brash burning in Wasdale
16th February 2018 Family River Walk from The Gather, Ennerdale Bridge
15th February 2018 Waterside Litterpick from Florence Arts Centre, Egremont
14th February 2018 Wasdale volunteer event: willow planting
14th February 2018 Riverside Walk from Florence Arts Centre, Egremont
6th February 2018 Arctic char: the Cumbrian status and ecology of an ice age relict
25th January 2018 River Watchers Volunteer Day
23rd January 2018 Making the most of muck and slurry
18th January 2018 Why did the toad cross the road? A talk on local amphibians.
10th January 2018 Wasdale volunteer event: willow planting
20th December 2017 Christmas crafts
19th December 2017 Christmas craft
18th December 2017 Christmas crafts
13th December 2017 Wasdale volunteer event: tree planting and Christmas party!
6th December 2017 Advent Window Extravaganza!
22nd November 2017 Wasdale volunteer event: flood repairs and fencing
8th November 2017 Wasdale volunteer event: Hedge laying
26th October 2017 River Derwent Litter Pick
25th October 2017 Wasdale flood repairs
14th October 2017 Wasdale show
11th October 2017 Wasdale Wednesday: volunteer event
5th October 2017 Babbling about Rivers
24th September 2017 World Rivers Day - Beck Based Workshops
13th September 2017 Wasdale Wednesday: volunteer event
9th September 2017 Hayton Castle Community Day
19th August 2017 Gosforth Show
18th August 2017 Family River Walk
15th August 2017 Family River Walk
11th August 2017 Nature by Water
10th August 2017 Family River Walk
9th August 2017 Wasdale Wednesday: volunteer event
4th August 2017 Wildlife Storytime
29th July 2017 Cockermouth Show
28th July 2017 Family River Walk
12th July 2017 Volunteer event: Wasdale balsam bash
27th June 2017 Volunteer event: Wasdale balsam bash
14th June 2017 Wasdale Wednesday: volunteer event
8th June 2017 Leaky dam building
5th June 2017 World Environment Day: Balsam Blitz, Calder Abbey
1st June 2017 Florence Arts Centre Wildlife Storytime
31st May 2017 Family river walk
30th May 2017 The Gather Wildlife Storytime
10th May 2017 Wasdale Wednesday: volunteer event
7th May 2017 Dawn Chorus
5th May 2017 Woodland management
29th April 2017 Save the Frogs Day
17th April 2017 Wildlife Story Time
12th April 2017 Wasdale Wednesday: volunteer event
11th April 2017 Volunteers for Tree Planting in Ennerdale
5th April 2017 Bank Stabilisation Workshop, Braystones
4th April 2017 The River Ehen & Ennerdale Valley
2nd April 2017 River Derwent Litter Pick - Join us!
8th March 2017 Office Opening & New Information Centre on UU Pipeline
22nd February 2017 Tree planting
8th February 2017 Wasdale Wednesday: Willow cutting and pegging
31st January 2017 The Fall and Rise of Vendace in Bassenthwaite Lake
11th January 2017 Wasdale Wednesday: Tree planting
20th December 2016 River Irt habitat improvement workshop
14th December 2016 Wasdale Wednesday: Tree planting and brash burning
1st December 2016 FBA freshwater mussel 'ark' tour
27th November 2016 Bank stabilisation walk and talk on River Derwent
12th October 2016 Wasdale Wednesday
8th October 2016 Wasdale Head Show
25th September 2016 World Rivers Day - What a-lotta Otter walk
6th September 2016 Whit Beck 2 years on - guided walk
4th September 2016 Loweswater Show 2016
20th August 2016 Gosforth Show
10th August 2016 Wasdale Wednesday - balsam bash
30th July 2016 Cockermouth Show
13th July 2016 Wasdale balsam bash
24th June 2016 Soil and improving field drainage
6th June 2016 Invasive Species ID training
3rd June 2016 Community Fun Day
21st May 2016 World Fish Migration Day - Event!
11th May 2016 Brash bundle making
26th April 2016 Willow Brash Bundling 26 April
20th April 2016 Pearls in Peril One Day Conference
17th April 2016 River Derwent Spring Litterpick
13th April 2016 Cancelled: Willow coppicing and whip planting
6th April 2016 Easter Fun for Families
31st March 2016 Splish-Splash: Easter Fun for Families
31st March 2016 Tree Planting Ennerdale
22nd March 2016 Maintaining healthy soils - and safe bathing waters
9th March 2016 Rhododendron clearance
7th March 2016 Improving your soil organic matter
27th February 2016 'Restoring Freshwater Mussel Rivers' exhibit
26th February 2016 Tree planting
10th February 2016 Wasdale Rhododendron clearance
13th January 2016 Wasdale Voluntary Wednesdays
14th December 2015 Farming Advice Service Update
10th October 2015 Wasdale Show 2015
22nd September 2015 Blencathra Fell Care Day
15th September 2015 Whit Beck Guided Walk
12th September 2015 What The Wild Things Do
6th September 2015 Loweswater Show 2015
31st August 2015 Keswick Show 2015
26th August 2015 Ennerdale Show 2015
15th August 2015 Gosforth Show
14th August 2015 Hayton Castle Fields activity day
1st August 2015 Cockermouth Show
30th July 2015 Wasdale Balsam Bash
22nd July 2015 Loweswater Balsam Bash
13th July 2015 Loweswater End of Project Meeting/Celebration
4th July 2015 Wasdale Fell Care Day
30th June 2015 An evening on the pull in Cleator
3rd June 2015 NSA North Sheep
26th April 2015 River Derwent Litterpick
22nd January 2015 Soils and pesticides
31st October 2014 Allonby beach fun day and photo competition!
7th October 2014 Whit Beck Celebration Event
28th September 2014 ​Tackling River Bank Erosion & Improving River Habitats – a tour of successful project work
27th September 2014 ​What a-lotta Otter!
26th September 2014 ​Fell Day environment training with outdoor activity leaders
25th September 2014 Tour of Keswick Waste Water Treatment Works
24th September 2014 Tours of: Seascale & Workington Waste Water Treatment Works/ Thirlmere Dam & Water Supply
23rd September 2014 ​Subsoiler & Aerator: Farm demonstration evening
22nd September 2014 World Rivers Day - A full Week of Events: 22-28 Sept!
22nd September 2014 Whit Beck/ Invasive Weeds/ Fish eating Birds
7th September 2014 Loweswater Show
27th August 2014 Ennerdale Show
25th August 2014 Keswick Show
1st July 2014 Loweswater (LCP) Community Meeting
10th April 2014 Spring Clean for River Derwent
5th April 2014 Real Men Keep their Tackle Clean!